Yari Ostovany is an internationally exhibited San Francisco Bay Area based abstract painter. He creates richly textured, layered color field paintings that explore processes of metamorphosis. The paintings Ostovany creates unfold over time, evolving as layers of pigment are added, washed out, covered over, scraped away, dissolved and then more layers added. With each new phase in the process the composition becomes deeper and more luminous. The transient nature of the layers becomes embedded into the visual language of the work, evoking a sense of movement and transcendence.

Recent Works Missa in Angustiis (Mass for troubled times) Fragments of Poetry and Silence
  Numinous Conference of the Birds The Third Script
  Chelleneshin Peregrine Verses
  Cantata Koans Rebuilding Goya
  Rebuilding Goya The Education of Icarus Curated Gallery